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What is Healthy Flying About?

NoJetStress.com is about making Travel Wellness the predominant experience for frequent flyers no matter how much they travel. This includes managing jet lag through all stages of the journey. It is achieved through a set of tools combined in an easy 6 step process known as the P.H.A.R.E Well system of jet lag reduction and elimination.

At a time when globalisation and technology make the world smaller, when it really matters nothing beats being there yourself. Presence is where it’s at, but you can’t fly half way around the world and be fully present when you are jet lagged. In business or pleasure being fully present to partake in the mission of your journey is key to success.

Whether it affects personal relationships or business transactions we know that not being fully present can be costly.   As a frequent flyer you know this pain first hand because you fly so often. Most flyers they put up with it till health suffers.

Look no further to find tools to help you travel with ease and stay on top of your game for as long as your fly.   This solution is perfect for frequent fliers who want a solution that works in harmony with their lifestyle.

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Do Any of These Symptoms Describe Jet Lag for You

Sleepless nights – Exhaustion – Fatigue –  Energy Crashes – Disorientation – Mood Swings – Foggy Thinking – Dehydration.

So, you’ve tried all available cures and discovered they were useless for flyers flying week in week out. You have to ask yourself “Is the sacrifice of my health and the less than optimal productivity affecting my quality of life?


I want to share with you 8 key techniques to decrease and eliminate the impact jet lag has on you,  get your complimentary ebook by entering your email address here

You will start getting results on your next flight! No drugs No alcohol, No complex diets, No Fads. Here are some of the benefits you will experience from the 8 key techniques e-book download –

  • Get Quality Sleep & have more energy regardless of time zone
  • Be alert and rested throughout your travels.
  • Be more productive and achieve more.
  • Get your quality of life back.
  • Travel the world jet lag free and not at the mercy of anyone else for your jet lag cure.
  • Stay ahead of the competition.

This solution is only for frequent fliers who fly long haul and suffer intolerable symptoms of jet lag. It is for you if you  have a punishing travel schedule, are stressed by travel, lose precious productive time because you have to recover from jet lag, or you value your health.

Who needs this type of jet lag solution ?   If you are a regular world traveller you need a flexible healthy solution. If you travel on business and need to stay productive and at your best. If you work in the aviation industry you know frequent flying offers you a different take on jet lag, this is your chance to do something about it.

Wherever you go P.H.A.R.E Well !