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A Detox Is Not Just For Christmas

What should Christmas’s over indulgence, festive season flu and frequent flying health all have in common? A good detox program.

Taking time to detox will not only help you get over the excess of the festive season but will also stand you in good stead to avoid jet lag and perk up your general health if you travel often. If you are a frequent flyer this can be the difference between cancelling a business trip due to the flu or ending up with aggravated symptoms having soldiered on regardless.

An important but often ignored aspect of flyer health has to do with how acid or alkaline your body is.  It is this same balance which is disturbed during the festive season due to excesses of food, alcohol, stress and other conditions. Making a habit to dredge these excess from your system would be a good habit to cultivate for your  body’s sake and the longevity of your healthy flying career. This is the “secret” that most jet lag remedies don’t understand.

For the road warriors who are already back on the road and too busy to slow down to detox, the question arises “how exactly am I supposed to do that with such a busy schedule?” The truthful answer is that you only get out as much as you put in. However there are a few things you can do to get started which aren’t too difficult to implement. Aside from reaching for that £3.99 Boots detox pack you could start by cutting down temporarily on alcohol, tobacco, coffee, poor quality chocolate,wheat and processed foods. These items in particular tax the liver. To help the liver along include a course of Swedish Bitters. Cutting back will give your liver room to rest and the Bitters will galvanise the liver into detoxifying action. By the way any meaningful detox program has to involve the liver if it is going to have the best health benefit on the entire body. The liver is the hardest working organ in the body and as the name suggests it is the LIVE-R.

Proper detoxification involves a two-step elimination process. from the deeper levels within to the superficial levels and then from these superficial levels via eliminative organs out of the body. Without the first type of elimination the second type is not as thorough. Strengthening your body’s ability to carry out type one elimination can be accomplished by supporting  two of your body’s enzyme systems. Cytochrome P450 and SOD – Superoxide Dismutase. Accomplish this by supplementing with SOD, and eating well from the Brassica vegetable family for the Cytochrome P450 group.

Another detoxifier worth considering is Zeolites. Zeolite is a negatively charged clay whose charge naturally draws and captures all the positively charged nasties trapping them ready for elimination from the body. Clays have a long history of use for cleansing  and drawing out toxins which go back to antiquity. Taking Zeolites is as simple as putting a teaspoon of the clay in water and drinking it, it has a neutral taste.

A minimum 2 week program should yield noticeable results however a month-long program should be the goal. If in doubt always consult with your primary health practitioner or a nutritional therapist. Once that part of the program is done give your immune system a boost by investing in some high quality immune boosting supplements, (the topic of my next newsletter).



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