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Pure Water, it’s not all in the numbers but…..

The most outlandish theory I’ve heard about water  is that it is a substance that landed on earth from outer space as  melting meteors which went on to form our oceans  (Discovery Channel programme). The programme makes this claim because the properties and qualities of water are so unlike any other solvent we have on earth. Whatever the case, it makes  interesting viewing for a substance we routinely take for granted.

The need for good quality water is reflected in the make up of our bodies as much as our environment. Its utility comes from its structure and P.H. levels and its purity. The World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) rates water purity as having less than ten total dissolved solids (t.d.s). In all the time I’ve been on the lookout for highly alkalising clean water, I have never come across a bottled water with less than a hundred plus total dissolved solids until now. While it would be false to say good hydrating water is determined simply by numbers (t.d.s) the structure of water and its ability to conduct electricity is  important enough to make the numbers count for something.

You need water to have purity and structure so as to benefit from deep hydration and so it can help life at cellular level by assisting in the conduction of electricity. This is an important medium of maintaining good health. This function is very important for fliers as the plane environment works to disrupt it any time you fly. The high t.d.s counts in bottled water make it less than ideal although often time it is the best thing available when flying.

Enter stage right Beyond H2O, a bottled water taken through a 5 step process to give it purity, structure  and increased alkalinity. It is oxygenated, ozonated, re-mineralized, vapour distilled and reverse osmosis produced.  You have to try this water to appreciate the difference. This water came out on top with the best rehydration levels in clinical trials.  It is a pity that you can’t take this bottled water on flights with the restrictions in place but drinking this water at home is a good option. While this blog is not the place to sell you water I would like to sell you on the idea of getting the best water you can on a regular basis especially if you are interested in health and are a frequent flier, or suffer jet lag.

Hydration as an ongoing pre-requisite for health is dearly lacking in health today. A case in point was General David Patraeus  (US Commander in Afghanistan) who fainted at a recent Senate hearing, click here for news story. The reason given was jet lag and dehydration. Beyond H2O is available in the US, Canada and the UK and sold through a network marketing structure. If health is that important to you investing in this opportunity may be worth your while.



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