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The Jet Lag Roll of Shame

This month roll call includes US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, interviewed by Esquire magazine “it wears you out…The jet lag, the dry air on planes, the whole if it’s Tuesday, I must be in ….kind of thing.

the jetspert says The US State Department has a whole protocol for personnel with flying duties…..did you miss that. Well maybe you need your travel plans mapped out as carefully as your briefs ! Madam Secretary You must get some sleep. Rumour has it you burn the candle at all ends.

Also on the roll of shame this week Justin Bieber said to have tweeted “arghhhhhh……..THIS JET LAG IS THE WORST” May 02 2010.

The jetspert says Justin who planned your travel itinerary, fire him, sounds like they couldn’t prep a fish for swimming. This should be childs play, did you know kids are less likely to get jet lag as their bodies are more in tune with nature. I guess you just grew up too soon huh. Listen to your mum, go to bed early.



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