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Onboarding a Plane
Why Choose Us


It's Healthy. The NoJetStress system for healthy traveller wellbeing supports healthy lifestyle choices and builds vitality as a core principle. Other jet lag "cures" not so much! Whether it is long term or short term you want a solution that supports all your travel goals.


It's Tried & Tested. Twenty years as cabin crew and hands-on experience is not dry theory. You need a solution that caters to your lifestyle and demands of your travel goals. You need to control as much of the controllables as possible when it comes to travelling well.


It's based in Science. This approach combines the best of circadian science, sleep science, nutritional therapy and lifestyle to create solutions that work for you the way you live work and travel.


Easy 6 Step System. If you want an easy to use and understand system look no further no need for complicated solutions. Create the toolkit that works for you and add them into your lifestyle and use them forever.


Stay Updated. Aviation and the science of traveller wellbeing changes and moves fast, don't get left behind. Get the latest updates and discussions on the NoJetStress Podcast.

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