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Heart Rate Variability Training

Take the guesswork out of peak performance with a solid foundation using Heart Rate Variability.


Get non-invasive scaleable data rich feedback to shape the performance of you the traveller on an individual basis or a team of travellers. The data doesn't lie; manage stress, sleep, recovery and capacity to perform sustainably and produce lasting productivity when it matters.

The 3 Day Lifestyle Assessment Test by Firstbeat delivered by nojetstress | Peak Performance, a Firstbeat Certified Provider.

The Bodyguard device gets delivered to you with instructions, at the end of the test you return it in the self-addressed envelope.

You will be contacted to arrange a consultation and interpretation session. You will be given guidance on how to make use of the data to improve your sleep, performance, productivity and work-life balance all backed up by the data.

Testing & 1 hour Consultation starting at £175

Get a Complimentary 30 mins Discovery Call!

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