How A Flight Attendant Flies 10,000 Miles Per Week Without Jet Lag & Sleeps Like A Baby Using 8 Simple Techniques

Hi my name is Chris and I fly 10,000 miles a week on average for the biggest UK airline. I can be in Miami one week  Delhi the next and Johannesburg the week after. Flying this much is very hectic. I spend about half the year out of the country but I do enjoy my job. Before I discovered the secrets to Jet Lag I too experienced nasty jet lag symptoms like –

Sleepless nights – Exhaustion – High Cortisol Induced Stress –  Listlessness – Disorientation – Insomnia – Mood Swings – Fatigue – Dehydration.

I tried the available “cures” and discovered they were at best okay for occasional fliers but useless for frequent fliers like me, flying week in week out. My health was deteriorating my business suffered and I was losing out on life with family and friends.  It was a losing battle and I was for ever playing catch up. Does this sound like you?

Something had to change. I searched everywhere for answers and it wasn’t until I realised no one catered for healthy frequent fliers that the answer came to me. I had to get a solution and it had to be a healthy one I could use long term.

I want to share with you the 8 Key techniques on how to decrease and eliminate the impact JET LAG has on you. You will start getting results on your next flight! No drugs No alcohol, No complex diets, No Fads.

Here are some of the benefits you will experience from these 8 key techniques –

  • Sleep like a baby whenever you fly.
  • Beat the causes of jet lag.
  • Have more energy.
  • Be alert and rested throughout your travels.
  • Be more productive and achieve more whether it is for work rest or play.
  • Get your quality of life back.
  • Travel the world jet lag free and not at the mercy of anyone else for your jet lag cure.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with less effort and more ease.
This solution is only for frequent fliers who fly long haul and suffer intolerable symptoms of jet lag. It is for you if you know you have something worthwhile at stake – your health, a business meeting, closing a deal, making a good impression, a performance or a particularly punishing travel schedule.

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Why you need THIS jet lag solution 

  • If you are a regular world traveller YOU NEED A FLEXIBLE HEALTHY SOLUTION.
  • If you are an athlete or journalist YOU NEED TO ARRIVE READY TO PERFORM.
  • If you work in the aviation industry YOU KNOW FREQUENT FLYING IS UNHEALTHY.