​Maintain optimal health, avoid jet lag, arrive with Presence

* Always arrive ready at your destination
* Evidence-based tools and solutions
* Improve your health right away

* Sleep better and have more energy

3 Steps to Your Bespoke Jet Lag Solution

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Jet Lag Freedom

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How Are We Different?


The NoJetStress Program offers you an easy to implement health-based 6 step system to help you avoid jet lag.

Our program is the only methodology that supports you in building vitality as you live the life of the frequent flier.

It is a non drug, science based and evidence backed methodology.

You the flier are in charge of the “cure “ all the time, you don’t have to rely on anyone else’s help. 


What is it Costing your Client not doing Business with you?


Are you the best at what you do, but have jet lag that wipes you out when you go to deliver?

Are your clients losing money, opportunity, your creative edge or a great relationship with you and your business because you couldn't show up fully present because of jet lag?

Are your clients on the receiving end of your productivity taking a hammering because you can't show up ready as all you can be for them?

What is the cumulative cost to your clients and the relationships that matter most to you over time?

Our Recent Blog Posts

I can highly recommend Christopher as a knowledgeable professional in his field of nutrition and well being. I found the ease to confide in Christopher essential to my progress. Thank you for all your guidance and support.

Kim Osborn

Due to the on-going situation we are able to offer Lifestyle sleep interventions UK wide without you having to visit us in person. Book a FREE 1-2-1 call using the red button in the top right hand corner. The Firstbeat 3 Day Lifestyle Assessment is dispatched directly to your home with instructions on how to conduct the test. Once finished send it back in the S.A.E. provided. We will contact you once your results have been processed for a virtual results and recommendations consultation.

NoJetStress is a must for anyone who travels regularly as it gives access to the discipline required to prepare and manage jet lag.

Vincent Lebunetel

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