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Travel Wellbeing & Peak Performance

Amongst other services, we offer an easy to implement health-based 6 step system to help you avoid jet lag. Our program is the only methodology that supports you in building vitality as you live the life of the frequent flier. It is a non drug, science based and evidence backed methodology.

Arrive with Presence

Maintain optimal health, avoid jet lag, arrive being your best:

  • Always arrive ready at your destination

  • Evidence-based tools and solutions

  • Improve your health right away

  • Sleep better and have more energy

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Looking for more Resilience?

Get your free Resiliency Checklist; a 24-pages ebook!

Calling Your Resilient Self!

Resilience is like a muscle, now is the time to build it.

Get tools to make you U.N.B.R.E.A.K.A.B.L.E

Our Services

Our Services

We offer different services that look after your wellbeing, before your journey and on the job, during your journey and after your journey. We have tools and solutions for every phase of your journey.  

Travel Wellness Consultations

At a time when globalisation and technology make the world smaller individuals and their organisations need to be ready on...

Peak Performance Coaching

Know Your Self. Cut through the noise and work one on one to pace yourself to better performance. Coaching focusses on mindset...

Sleep Health Coaching

Good teams collaborate and cheer each other on. Good teams know the score and their stats. Get oversight on how you work together...

HRV - Heart Rate Variability Training

Take the guesswork out of peak performance with a solid foundation using Heart Rate Variability. Get non-invasive scaleable data rich feedback ...


“Chris was an excellent help, totally professional. He changed my lifestyle fot the better, improving my health enormously! He is understanding and caring. His clients are his priority and he is always ready to help and listen. Thank you very much!!!”

Pilar Sebastian

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