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Apollo Neuro: The Traveller Toolkit for the Post-Pandemic Flier

Build Your Bespoke Toolkit It's fitting I start off this series of traveller toolkit articles with a wearable that focuses solely on building resilience and recovery, not just because of the lull in the pandemic, but because historically frequent business travellers have always struggled with recovery and resilience. Furthermore, usual recommendations for business travellers never quite addressed the idea of building vitality on the road, much less acknowledge that a sound solution to the traveller wellness puzzle must have an ongoing vitality building-as you travel component, to be fit for purpose.

Get Real-time Feedback Building back recovery after a trip is a least favoured option. As frequent travellers we require real time feedback to inform healthier choices at all stages of travel, pre-travel, during and post travel. This leads us to the power of data in our hands, human beings are a constant stream of data, harnessing it in real time will provide opportunities for frequent travellers to build resilience and avoid burnout.

What Apollo Does The Apollo Neuro device helps your recover faster by modulating the response of your nervous system. It does this using vibration. Low frequency vibration is discussed in the literature as a useful tool to aid recovery, one such example supporting this hypothesis is this paper - Low-Frequency Vibration Facilitates Post-Exercise Cardiovascular Autonomic Recovery. In particular the study notes lower frequency vibrations "decrease cardiac sympathetic nerve activity, and promote parasympathetic nerve activity." In this way Apollo helps us get better Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Get a Flexible Energy Resource

The Apollo Neuro device can be worn inconspicuously beneath clothing on the wrist or ankle gently giving off vibrations communicated directly to your nervous system. With seven programs to choose from you can gently and healthily energise yourself, focus yourself, rebuild and recover, and even get help lulling yourself to better quality sleep*.

Overtime this wearable can provide multiple benefits for the tired stressed out frequent flier whether it be recovery focus or sleep, and makes a good tool to add to our toolbox.

I have no affiliation with Apollo Neuro but I am definitely a fan ❤️

*Preliminary results from the Apollo Neuro real world study suggest some impressive initial results - 19% average increase in deep sleep, 14% average increase in REM sleep, 6% average increase in total sleep time, 11% average increase in HRV, 4% average decrease in resting heart rate.


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