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Celebrity/Personality Roll of Jet Lag Shame

Drum roll please, kicking off the roll of jet lag  shame this  month is

Kelly Clarkson and Daud Yordan

Kelly Clarkson the winner of the first American Idol programme in 2002 was on tour down under and is quoted as having said

“I can’t wait to come back…….maybe less jet lag next time”.

the jetspert says :-

Ms Clarkson if only you had prepared for your trip as you did for your concerts in Oz you might not have suffered so badly. Next time zone your travel stops properly and acclimatize to the general region you find yourself. Staying up in the little hours is not advisable but with some light therapy and entrainment tools you could do just fine.

Daud Yordan an Indonesian boxer flew to Sunshine in Florida to fight Celestino Caballero – he flew out on the 5th of April when the fight was on April the 10th  (due to problems obtaining a visa) – guess who lost !

Mr Yordan was quoted as saying “I suffered from jet lag. I didn’t sleep until the night before the fight due to jet lag and other problems as well…..but I don’t want to say it’s the reason of the loss” – Yordan  methinks you just did !!

the jetspert says :-

As a sports professional you should know better, you should be acutely aware of the effects jet lag can have on athletic performance. Shame on you,  as an athlete you have a dietary regimen’s  in place to make-weight and be at your peak.  Adding a few more protocols to that wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch – they could have helped you adapt to the weather, beat dehydration and adjust your sleeping patterns.


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