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The Jet Lag Roll of Shame

Latest culprit………Helena Christensen, Danish Model, Former Victoria Secret Poster Girl.

It is a shame that most frequent flyer’s suffer from jet lag. What is doubly unforgivable is when frequent flyer’s who should know better complain of jet lag. Helena Christensen the jet setting Danish model is the latest to complain of jet lag while globe-trotting on modelling assignments.

Helena says “being jet lagged is like taking drugs” she goes on to say she’s been jet-lagged for over a month and has pretended to be on some kind of interesting drug, because that’s basically what it feels like. The days of jet lag being worn as a badge of honour are long gone, deal with it!

The jetspert says ANY KIND OF DRUG IS THE WRONG KIND OF DRUG FOR JET LAG HELENA!! As a model in the fashion business there is no excuse for not handling the challenge of jet lag in short order. One of my coach’s used to say “problem solving is never about a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness”. Helena bring some of the discipline that got you to the top of your profession to your frequent flying itinerary – you do have one don’t you?

Tips for Helena,

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – save the alcohol till you are on the ground.

  2. Curb that cheese habit – pasteurized dairy is acidifying and acidity is a major contributor to jet lag.

  3. Remember your body clock. Acclimatize using meal times and don’t skip or skimp on meals, now is not the time to eat like a waif if you want to get on local time a.s.a.p.

Helena Christensen Drained By Jet Lag

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