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5 Things Travellers Can Benefit from by Grounding

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I never got to fly on a British Airways Concorde as a flight attendant or passenger but I was always fascinated by the fact you could see the curvature of the earth while flying on it. During my time at BA I was on a quest to find ways to stay healthy while flying 4-5 times a month transatlantically. The discovery that the curvature of the earth is part of the Schumann's Resonance led me to look into geomagnetic fields which led me to Grounding. As a flier grounding was one of the easiest things I could do to preserve my health while flying long haul.

If you travel by air there are some very important benefits you can gain by adding grounding to your efforts to beat jet lag. What is Grounding? It's connecting with the earth's inexhaustible negative charge. Absorbing this charge means you have additional electrons to neutralise and stabilise reactions in the body that would otherwise lead to breakdown or ill-health. How do you ground? By connecting barefoot with the earth, or using some nifty technology. How does Grounding help travellers?

1. Provides deep cellular nourishment

The electron transport chain is an important part of how we produce energy in our cells. It depends on electrons. Our cells are active all the time, giving them an additional source of electrons directly from standing on the earth and grounding is a simple way to get free energy. Electrons are the ultimate antioxidant. It's interesting to note that the Chinese system of acupuncture has a kidney energy point on the sole of the foot, a great place to harvest free energy from direct contact with earth. As a flier getting off a plane and connecting with the earth is invigorating and restorative on a deep level, you just have to be creative about how to do it.

2. Clocks your body to local time

Flying and stress mess with the principle of acclimatisation, which is the idea that you are naturally acclimated to the environment you find yourself. Travel disrupts the ability to be acclimatised if you are constantly flying grounding can help restore it. The act of grounding after a flight for 30 -45 minutes is known to help rid the body of accumulated static electricity and send health markers back to healthy normal ranges. The effect can be quite dramatic that people often don't believe something so simple can work so quickly.

The burst of energy is so restorative it gets the traveller back on local time quicker and healthier than coffee and other stimulants.

3. Helps you sleep better

Inflammation is a known cause of disrupted and disturbed sleep. Being cooped up on a plane for hours on end is also a cause of inflammation. Getting a good night's sleep after flying is a common complaint that can be helped with grounding. When you ground, those additional electrons tamper down the inflammation allowing you to sleep soundly. Grounding sheets or recovery bags are ideal and make an excellent addition to your travel staples.

4. Neutralises static picked up from flying

The invention of rubber-soled shoes severed our natural connection with the earth. That connection is a fail-safe that helps us discharge built up of static in our bodies, similar to the practice of grounding our homes. It allows the current to flow through us and be discharged harmlessly. The rubber-soled shoe stopped that. When you fly you accumulate more static than usual because you are so far removed from a natural environment. Over time that accumulates, it makes you sluggish, causes fatigue, and is a part of the jet lag picture. When you ground barefoot outdoors or with grounding products you discharge static harmlessly.

5. A natural energy boost

When static is discharged the electrical component of energy that clogs the energy pathways of the body is removed. Think of it this way life is firstly electrical, biochemical, and then mechanical. When the electrics are great the biochemistry can work better which means the mechanics of the body also work better. This means you have more potential to produce energy efficiently.

The big picture is that grounding is good for travellers because the environment on planes is artificially maintained and unhealthy. If you can go outside and connect directly with the earth after trips do so it's great (and it's free) but if you can't or don't want to you can always use the great set of grounding accessories created by

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