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All singing all dancing 787 maiden debut

The empire strikes back, in the fight between ultra long haul and shorter point to point airline travel argument the newly minted 787 shows it’s colours.

The long awaited and overdue aircraft finally took to the skies on December the 15th. While wowing the crowds who stood out in cloudy weather to see the spectacle the real questions needing answers go beyond the assembly of another good plane more fuel efficient than the last.

From initial reports hot off the press some care and attention has been paid to concerns about well being, however reports that this mould breaking aircraft will affect the experience of jet lag are exaggerated in the opinion of this writer.

While adding lighting which mimic destination time attempts to adjust the passenger quickly to the new time zone,this is really only half the story. If jet lag were only about light we’d all be light box junkies by now.

The truth of the matter is that business focus is squarely fixed in the job off dragging the airline industry out of it’s dip in the middle of the ressesion. We may have a long time to wait before a serious look is taken to address the causes and cures for jet lag.

The current slew of jet lag cures raises false hope in the media and keeps the public waiting for the next media frenzy without even considering the argument in detail. The absurdity that impotence drugs are the cure all is a reciepe for disaster – and sexist! unless women decide to grow penises just to get over jet lag.

Previous attempts by the House of Lords Select Committe to explore the landscape and possible solutions are a step in the right direction but the political will within the airline industry is lacking.

So until such times when the dust of the recession settles the boys and girls at Boeing can rub their hands in glee over their new toy.

Your’s in good health,

The Jetspert

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