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Around the World in 80 days Passepartout ……Not ….but close!

It strikes me as incredulous how the jet lagged weary from all walks of life seem to miss the opportunity sitting right in front of their eyes. Sometimes for more than 8 10 hours at a stretch, these travelers spend their flight time with some of the most traveled people on earth, the cabin crew and pilots.

Granted some of them look worse than a battleaxe with a hangover but a small knowledgeable few weather the journey well by design and not default. Travelling up to 4 or 5 times a month to all sides of the globe in no particular order and having much less time at destinations than your average traveller, this travel wise minority must be doing something right.

The flying community as a whole is made up of a mixed bunch, some who are as clueless as the majority of the flying public – those who do travel well by design do so because they have a compelling reason – which can be as simple as being serious about their health

With silly season claims that Viagra may be the jetlag cure we’ve been waiting for, it would do frequent fliers and those prone to jetlag good to learn a thing or two from the airline industry – those in the know will tell you it’s not about Melatonin or Viagra !

The Jetspert Wherever You Go P.H.A.R.E. Well



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