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Avoid Frying while Flying; Elimination & Protection From Ionizing Radiation

What do airport back-scatter scanners, WiFi on planes and modern-day telecommunications have in common? Ionizing radiation. Radiation  is nothing but energy. It is both friend and foe and is a natural phenomenon we couldn’t live without. Ionizing radiations are types of waves of electric and magnetic (electromagnetic) energy with the ability to attract electrons from other atoms. This is where the problem lies. When ionizing radiation is absorbed by the human body it has the potential to damage our atoms in our DNA encouraging disease and creating toxins known as free radicals in the process.

It is suspected that these disruptions to our genes are part responsible for faulty gene replication which then go on to manifest diseases like cancers. There is historic evidence that suggests certain cancers are prolific in pilots and cabin crews. As a flier of any frequency protecting yourself from these potential dangers should be part of your wellness regimen for as long as you fly.

Concern about ionizing radiation exposure and flying have been around dating back to NASA astronauts and  studies of long haul airline crews. It is something that should concern everyone who steps on a plane for a number of reasons. First is technology, the more technologically driven we are as a society the more stressed we have become. Mobile phones, wireless networks, medical diagnostics and flying make up parts of our lifestyle.  Exposure to these sources of ionizing and non ionizing forms of radiation are on the increase and often without our consent.  Second, even if you abhor technology chances are that if you switch on a mobile phone it will pick up the networks of people living around you (which means you’re being exposed), effectively you have no control over your exposure. This same loss of control is now being suggested as the debate whether WiFi should be encouraged  or discouraged on planes  increases.  The more sinister problem about ionizing radiation on planes, whether from WiFi or outside the plane is that our natural protection at sea level is absent on planes.

There is no “cure” for radiation exposure.  The best you can do is reduce its impact on your health. The current government advice on radiation basics uses a 3 point model suggesting distancing yourself from the source, reducing the time spent in the environment where ionizing radiation is present and shielding yourself from  radiation. The downside to this advice is that as a flier you don’t have much control over the first 2 points in this advice. The flight time and altitude are determined by the flight crew and factors on the day. The good news is that the third factor is good advice you can act on using informed dietary choices, supportive technology and lifestyle choices.

Diet should be the first source of these nutrients that protect you from damaging radiation. The first line of defence are foods directly with radio-protective properties these include seaweeds, bee pollen and garlic. If you are into Superfoods add ginseng and some  Adaptogens. In a secondary manner making sure your diet is mineral rich will help as it discourages your body absorbing radioactive isotopes which look like the minerals you could be lacking, view it as an insurance policy !

Fliers should make efforts to add high antioxidants foods to their diet because they mop up the free radicals created by ionizing radiation. If you can’t get them from food, supplement. Consider naturally occurring Vitamin C, Active COQ10- Ubiquinol, Glutathione and Pycnogenol. Supportive technology tools include all types of grounding equipment you can use in and around the house, to lessen the  radiation emitted by the gadgets we use daily. Grounding sheets and pads are available  for beds and computer work stations respectively. Even simpler to implement is a timer on your wireless router – setting the timer to switch off your router when you are in bed stops you being bombarded with radiation while you sleep. Lifestyle choices include routinely living a more balanced life. Being out in nature and connecting with nature is the best remedy.

It is a little known fact that the Earth is covered in an inexhaustible number of negative electrons which are restorative and healing.  These same negative electrons are partly what’s missing at altitude and cause the air on planes to be dry and stuffy. Adjusting your lifestyle to make sure you absorb as much of these  electrons really is the master-key to eliminating ionizing radiation from your flying schedule.



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