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Detox and Fly, Preparing for The Year Ahead – Part 3

Water – Chlorophyll* – Alkalinity* – Electrons

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In order for the saying “Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” to be true, food has to be nourishment and detoxifying agent at the same time. When food is digested and broken down it naturally produces unusable bits we call toxins. Nature being the perfect foil for our needs supplies the detoxifying agents we need in the foods we eat. Knowing how to use them can be of great benefit. This article is going to look at some of the easiest ones to use and a couple of other items which help accelerate the detoxification process.

Water.An important distinction to make is that water is NOT food! Water is one of the five elements, as such, it is more than food. It is the stuff of life, without it life would be impossible. It is important to acknowledge this in order to give water its proper place in our diet.

As an element water’s role is that of a communicator and transporter of information. In this way it gets everywhere and helps communication and or transports nutrients to and from cells in the body. When you look at water like this the quality of the water you put in your body becomes important. The structure of the water you consume on a regular basis has a telling effect on how well it is able to carry out its functions in the body. With that in mind when you are detoxing make sure you have the highest quality water you can get and it is important to get lots of it!

  1. An often quoted rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in pounds, in ounces of water. So if you weigh 150 lbs you would need 150 lbs to ounces 150 oz/2 = 75 oz a day.

  2. Drinking more than this when detoxing is advisable especially if you add agents to the water to help the detox process. These can include, lemon juice, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, detox clays and natural salts.

Chlorophyll.Green foods rich in chlorophyll are another easy addition to help the detox process. The reason chlorophyll is so powerful is because it has a close resemblance to our blood. If you remove the central molecule from a drop of blood and a drop of chlorophyll they are essentially identical. Chlorophyll has magnesium at its center and blood has iron. This makes chlorophyll rich foods blood building. As mentioned previously blood gets everywhere in the body so building the blood with green foods allows the blood to function better.

  1. Dark green leafy vegetables make good choices, if you want to do better than these Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat grass and Barley grass are great options. The high chlorophyll content of these grasses and powders is great and they are all alkalising, which brings me nicely to my next point.

Alkalinity is important for detoxifying because it is a measure of how efficient the body is functioning. Certain foods burn more cleanly in the body than others. Sodium rich foods burn less efficiently than potassium rich foods. I’ll explain this with a story. When a Bhuddist monk passes away, if he is cremated the colour of the ashes tell if he has lived the tenet “do no harm” through a vegetarian diet. If the ash is white it means he had a diet primarily of a vegetarian nature (high potassium foods), however if it is brownish grey it means his diet was of a flesh nature (high sodium foods) as animal foods do not burn as cleanly in the body.

  1. An easy way to incorporate this knowledge is to increase the ratio of plant food to animal food in our diets. When detoxing cutting down on any animal products will always bring good results.

The alkalinity medium is charged with negative electrons, NEGATIVE ELECTRONS are the most powerful means we have to detoxify according to some research papers at the moment. The beauty of this solution is that the earth has an inexhaustible supply of negative electrons and all we have to do is learn how to tap into it. You can do this through diet, for example vitamin C is a powerful electron donor as are the group of nutrients called Flavanoids.

Melatonin is also an electron donor which makes it more interesting to frequent fliers. Making sure you get enough sleep to trigger melatonin production becomes important to your health as a flier.

Using structured water, chlorophyll, alkalinity and the power of electrons can be as easy as filtering your water supply at home, to juicing green vegetables , to cutting down on animal produce or upping your plant to animal food ratios, to making sure you supplement with quality antioxidants like vitamin C.

As a flier if you are pushed for time you might want to try these shortcuts, supplement with MegaHydrate a hydrogen rich supplement which makes your water wetter and thus more hydrating. Supplement with Chlorella, it is high in chlorophyll and at the same time detoxifies heavy metals. Supplement with Rosehips and Camu berry powders, they are rich in vitamin C and other flavanoids, both travel well and can be taken daily.



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