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Flying without a spacesuit, who does that these days?


While watching the acclaimed Oscar nominated blockbuster film Gravity (2013), it struck me how reliant on the technology built into their spacesuits, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were to successfully carry out their mission. As a frequent flier of sixteen years on short and long haul routes doing about 10,000 miles of flying week in week out it also struck me how unprepared most frequent fliers are today when taking to the world of global travel. Just as the environment in space required spacesuits for the astronauts to function properly, today’s environment requires fliers to be suited for the travel environment they face. Clooney and co’s success or mission failure shows the importance of travelling with the right kit. Frequent fliers in the travel environment of today would do well to follow their lead. Get kitted out to make your travel experience jet lag free.

What kind of kit is appropriate you might ask? Most travellers are content to bring a neck pillow, sleeping pills and/or portable entertainment. However, to travel well consistently means looking past these items to specific technology to enable you to fly better and arrive well every time.

To the above list I would add as mandatory a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones, an entrainment app from the iTunes or Google Play store, wearable health technology tools like a Fitbit, an isotonic hydrating powder mix and tart cherries for a natural melatonin boost. In addition to these items I would pack a grounding sleep sheet from Barefoot Technology for my arrival and an exercise mat for yoga and stretching.

Most frequent flier don’t have a comprehensive “spacesuit” to help them arrive well. The result is they leave their susceptibility to jet lag open to chance when they can routinely arrive feeling much better no matter how long the journey. Most fliers are still in the dark ages when it comes to staying healthy while travelling, coming prepared with your own tools is one way to land ready for business pleasure or that creative task you are faced with on arrival. After all travel is only a means to an end.

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