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Gov Mark Sanford got away with it, can you?

Some good news for the beleaguered Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford. Sanford rose to infamy for deserting his constituency for 6 days for the arms of his mistress in Argentina. While currently waiting for impeachment proceedings against him in the State Legislature Sanford has won a small victory with the State Ethics Commission.

Stanford is charged with 37 counts of misconduct while holding the office of State Governor. Twenty eight of those charges have been dropped, 18 of the charges relate to flight upgrades given while on state business.

The rationale implied is that it’s okay to upgrade (provided someone else is paying) if it means arriving refreshed and ready for business while minimising the dreaded jet lag. Isn’t that a line of reasoning every long haul frequent flier can relate to? While Sanford is excused  from all but 9 of his misdemeanors we will have  to wait and see if those who wish to impeach him get their way.

The question in my mind is now the days of involuntary upgrades are hard to come by, what responsible steps is Business taking to make sure its henchmen arrive ready for business? Or should we follow the Ethics Commission’s lead and reach for the company expense credit card next time?

Please see Poll on Ecademy:- How do you make it through long haul flying without jet lag?

Here’s to your health,



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