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NEWSFLASH !!!!! Major breakthrough in development of jet lag pill !!!!!

It’s the snake oil salesman again!

If you’ve ever seen a snake oil salesman in full flow you’ll know how captivating they can be when pedaling their wares. A good one will keep you enthralled and forever hanging on to hope that this time this remedy, potion or pill will do the trick for you.

Such is the nature of modern medicine today ! You can’t argue with the masses of research available, indeed our understanding of health is all the better for it. However when it comes to lasting results and solutions there is little to show. At best our modern day use of medicine has only been able to provide temporary solutions. It is a practice that champions steady decline as Success.

Numb from false hope and false promises we raise our heads again to hear the proclamation "a cure is found, weep no more you are cured" but all the snake oil salesman did was swap one fraud for another.

This is what I hear when yet another cry goes out about another jet lag cure – how many cures can there be?

This one has some credibility by identifying a previous fundamental flaw in the understanding of the jet lag mechanism but beyond that it it feeds directly into the mindset all other "cures" do – The notion that we will one day be able to cure all our ills from a bottle of pills.

Gathered and documented knowledge is of little consequence when it doesn’t translate to lasting results

Profound knowledge on the other hand is easy to understand and easy to apply. No complications no room for misunderstanding. If Nature wanted Man to fly he would have grown wings by now. So let’s start with the premise that flying is unnatural and work at solutions which help make the flying experience as natural as possible. The day I see a pill tree is the day I start popping pill to get over jet lag.

The current approach smacks of an observation I once heard – If all you have is a hammer everything you see becomes a nail.

The Jetspert.



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