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Plastic bomb foiled, do you feel safer?

Sabre rattling in United States by those who in support of the TSA body scanners is bound to get louder now a plastic explosives bomb plot has been uncovered by the CIA. A CBS News report points out a revealing statistic -less than 5% of these quarter million dollar machines are in use across 170 United States airports. In total some 670 machines have been installed. 

Less than 5% of these machines in use! That is one statistic terrorists will look forward to exploiting. If only 5% of these machines are in use across 170 airports it lends credibility to accusations that that the TSA is more security theatre than substance. 

The report goes on to say that the machines are widely used the United States and Europe, but less so in Asia and Africa. It seems obvious that Asia and Africa are a weak link in the chain. As freedom traffic passes through most continents including Asia and Africa, only a co-ordinated response to the problem will do. As this report shows that terrorists have not stopped upgrading their methods and means to cause destruction, the question left unanswered is are cross boarder security forces collaborating closely enough to defeat the terrorists this time around? What travel experiences involving security have you witnessed, good or bad?

Source – 60 Minutes. Would TSA scanners catch plastic bomb?

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