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Scientists confirm the danger of Wi-Fi devices on laps

I hate to say I told you so, but scientists have now confirmed the dangers of wi-fi enabled devices on laps. The preliminary research is published in the Journal Fertility & Sterility. I first wrote about this danger back in May 2011 in this article.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this if you accept that there is no safe dose of radiation below which the risk of malignancy is nil. The effects of low dose ionizing radiation are fully covered in the archives of the National Academy of Sciences.

The experiment exposes samples of male sperm to a wi-fi enabled  laptop computer for 4 hours and measures sperm motility against controls. As well as the sperm having motility issues they showed DNA fragmentation. The report stops short of warning readers of the dangers of wi-fi and continues to claim that wi-fi use is safe.

The challenges of society engulfed in constant exposure to Electrosmog are once again exposed in this finding. Surfer beware, exposure to ionizing radiation is a part of 21st century life and it is here to stay. What is unforgivable is that the public is not being given all the facts to enable them to protect themselves adequately.

I am not advocating abandoning technology altogether that would be ludicrous, I am saying we need to look at protecting our health and the health of our young ones  and frail ones who have less developed/challenged immune system.

If you consider that autoimmune disease is on the rise (1)  you can see how any contributing factors like Dirty Technology must be kept in check.

Autoimmune disease on the rise – American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association



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