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Superfoods & Supplementation.


Anyone who has attended clinic with a therapist or doctor will be familiar with the following scenario: –

You have a health problem or challenge and set off to find a solution in a doctor’s surgery or a complementary therapist. They give you a solution and you’re motivated to take action, but somewhere along the way you loose motivation and stop doing the very thing that will ease the pain and solve the problem. Now there are exceptions to this of course – for instance if the situation is life threatening the motivation runs deeper and the action is easier to take. However when the situation is not of that magnitude why is it that we find it so hard to consistently take action in the direction of better health?

Unfortunately this problem shows up in Nutritional Therapy when it comes to Supplementation. Maybe because of the preventative nature of the therapy the significance of the therapy is overlooked or looses it urgency over time; because we aren’t in immediate pain the compulsion to act isn’t always imminent.

In medical circles this is known as Noncompliance. Noncompliance can be the difference between healing and experiencing better health or a deteriorating health picture. As a nutritional therapist Noncompliance is one of the more frequent challenges I face when working with clients. As well as dispensing informed nutritional knowledge one of my roles is to make sure adequate nutrition gets into the client period. If this doesn’t happen everything else counts for nothing. Supplementation is an important tool in my trade and the risk of Noncompliance can stop progress in its tracks.

I would like to offer you a short cut to beat Noncompliance and get the Supplementation you need without having to try too hard. This solution is as easy as eating and drinking, if you do these two things this solution will be a snap for you. It will only take a mater of resourcefulness and strategy and before long you will be buzzing with vitality from being able to see off health challenges and replace them with vibrant vitality.

Before we get down to it though, the other side to the challenge of Noncompliance is that we are all time challenged. Some of us even find it difficult to eat three square meals a day (whatever that is!) and remembering to take supplements doesn’t always get a look in. So when looking for solutions we need ones that don’t take time but still deliver the goods – welcome the powerful world of Superfoods.

Superfoods really are new age supplements on steroids, they are a step up from regular food which provides calories and little else. Superfoods are said to occupy that space between food and medicinal herbs. In fact because of the sad state of our food industry today, some Superfoods trigger healing responses when taken .They are in some cases complete foods Taking a balanced variety of correct Superfoods can in one fell swoop cancel out the need to take any pill form of supplementation.

The secret of Superfoods is that they are nourishing to the body, the mind and they add something extra. They directly feed into our vitality in ways regular food cannot. Don’t be fooled by the dumbing down of the word Superfoods by the likes of certain supermarket chains who hang Superfood signs over the green vegetable section. One of the many differences is that Superfoods nourish on a basic level and have superior micro nutrient profiles compared to farmed and grown foods. The mineral, enzyme and phytonutrient quantity in many Superfoods is astounding, some of them even have factors which are yet to be identified by modern science.

Taking quality Superfoods instead of supplements is also a way of avoiding the many fillers stabilizers, excipients and additives manufactures add to supplements. If you didn’t know, most of these substances clog the body and inhibit proper functioning. In many cases they add to the toxic burden the body has to deal with. Good quality Superfoods on the other hand are available without these added complications. They need little or no preparation, are food substances and thus can be eaten as food. The ease of preparation also saves you time in the kitchen while making sure you get the nourishment you need.

So what Superfoods can we begin to experience to increase our health with no risk or downside?

The best 10 Superfoods I know of in no particular order are

Bee products (pollen, propolis, raw honey, royal jelly)

Marine phytoplankton


AFA blue-green algae

Aloe vera

Goji berries

Hemp seeds


Coconuts and coconut products


WARNING ! Adding these foods to your diet consistently can seriously improve your health and well being.

Don’t take my word for it try 2 or 3 you like. Most are pleasant tasting and can be used to make treats or snacked on as they are others can be blended into a nutritious smoothie or drink. If you are a little adventurous you can even combine a few and make some really delicious nourishing food. As we speak I have a Pyrex dish sized slab of raw orgasmic chocolate made with Cacao, raw Coconut oil and Agave sitting in my fridge. It took me 30 minutes to make, 15 minutes in the freezer and it’s ready to eat; – okay I’ll come clean, I have half a Pyrex dish of orgasmic chocolate left!

My point is that making healthy nourishing foods that cuts the need to pop pills and helps you get the nutrition you need is easier than you might think. The leverage Superfoods gives us in this day and age is a godsend. The fact they are foods means you can use them on a daily basis and little by little free yourself from the clutch of empty malnourishing foods,. Remember it’s all about what we can add in, and while we do that we want to enjoy the process.

As a responsible practitioner if you have a condition or challenge you think might respond to a change in diet and supplementation I would recommend you work with a qualified practitioner.

This way you can pinpoint exactly what you need to do and the order you need to do it to get the best results without any unpleasant surprises. On the other hand if you are generally looking to take a more progressive steps in your wellness program dive in safe in the knowledge that nourishing your body can be easy and fun.

Here’s to your health.

Christopher Babayode



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