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Technology & Health (One of Many)…….

I took great comfort from a recent BBC 24 news presentation, I think it was called Click. It talked about the use of multimedia to teach in schools, the programme panned a classroom with kids all learning on Ipad’s. It was striking to see the Ipads neatly assembled on the desks all with stands.

At a glance you might think it is nothing remarkable. However  several times I have seen people (kids and adults) use electronic gadgets on bare laps, without regards to EMF radiation these items give off is frightening. If your planning on having kids it’s not a good way to start!

The dangers of ionizing and non ionizing radiation in our increasingly digital age are very real. Authorities would have you believe that there is such a thing as a safe dose of radiation.

There is not. Dr John Gofman the acknowledged world authority on radiation put that notion to bed a long time ago.

Vested interests choose to believe otherwise. As a consumer of these products and the benefits they give us, everyone needs to take measures to offset the potential damage.

What made this particular programme all the more satisfying is that it seemed someone somewhere intentionally or otherwise understood that our children are more vulnerable. They are still growing and have under developed immune systems more susceptible to the ill effects of radiation, even more than adults.

As we all get used to a life where technology is an integral part of everyday living and learning what kinds of effects will this kind of exposure have on our kids through the years? If you can’t see the creeping hand of digital age upon us think again it is a very real. Some universities are handing out e-readers and Ipads to their students. Walk into Foot Locker (the sports shoe store) and you see the sales assistants wired up with ear pieces and receivers.

As more of what we do takes on a new life and comes on-line what is going to protect our health in the face of this onslaught. To make matters worse the statistics show that auto-immune disease plays a role in up to eighty percent of illnesses worldwide. In short our immune systems less are effective at defending us.

If you are in any doubt about the real dangers we expose ourselves to when we log on, use an Ipad or a Kindle watch this video P.S. I have no financial interest or affiliation in any of the products mentioned in the video

Some final questions and a final thought

– Are we looking at a cover up the size of the Tobacco Industry cover up of the 1970’s? – Do you use your laptop on your lap or in bed? – Do you sleep with your mobile phone on through the night? – Amazon sold more e-books for Kindle over Christmas than paperbacks!



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