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The Colossal Mistake Airlines Are Making…and how it affects your health

If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience – George Bernard Shaw .

The rush to equip airlines with on board WiFi technology gathers pace with Egypt Air becoming the latest  airline to launch its in air mobile and internet service to London Heathrow. As airlines round the world look to boost profitability additional income streams from add-on services look very attractive.

The colossal mistake is that no one is asking about the true cost of this technology in the air. This whole saga is reminiscent of the smoking on planes fiasco of the 1970’s and ’80’s. This time the danger is even more sinister and deadly. The evidence is mounting to conclusively dispel the argument that EMF radiation from technology is harmless. Proof of the damage this type of radiation has done has always been conducted on the ground in an oxygen rich environment. Airlines are now lining up to provide connectivity in the clouds where abundant oxygen is less and the threat of cosmic ionizing radiation has always been present.

Will we return to lobbying and suing airlines for endangering our health? Possibly, but not for a while yet. Most fliers don’t connect the dots between flying and radiation.  As our world is more technologically  advanced the threat is more pronounced because you can’t escape low dose radiation in most walks of life wherever you are.  Sitting on a plane for hours on end with stale air may just be the tipping point to put travellers in a challenging health battle. Whatever argument you support this should be of concern to you especially if you are a frequent flier.

As I always say, jet lag needs a new conversation – cosmic and EMF radiation are a part of it. We have to act and get the facts to protect ourselves! It starts with an examination of  the current knowledge on jet lag and taking the practical while leaving the theoretical and harmful.



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