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The Secret Sleep Tip For When You Absolutely Must Thrive

I was recently asked about a product I had been using for over 15 years and on thinking about it I have to give credit that it was actually what you might call a sleep secret for the intensely stressed or jet-lagged. I used it for many years while flying as a British Airways steward and it enabled me to fly worldwide without any sleep challenges, provided I could use my tool I would always wake up fully rested. What kind of tool am I talking about? It's the science of Earthing or otherwise known as Grounding.

Earthing really is amazing, it's a natural state of us being connected to the earth’s energy. We used to have so much more connection with the earth in our recent past but through the way we live now, and living in cities we have lost touch with it. Working at altitude for over 15 years doing transatlantic and transpacific trips at 36,000 feet, four or five times a month really disconnects you from the earth and made sleep a major concern for most crew. I typically remember waking up in major cities around the world and crawling out of my earthing recovery blanket feeling as fresh as I'd ever been as if I was sleeping in my own bed at home.  

Why does earthing work so well? It's the science of electrons, negatively charged particles that are inexhaustible, natural, and free us from the accumulation of free radicals (toxins) by donating a neutralising charge. Travelling in less than ideal aircraft cabins favour the build-up of free radicals, so when you arrive at your destination you have free radical accumulation which interferes with you being able to relax, in other words, you are stressed. This stress needs to be voided by your body.

On getting to my hotel room after such a trip I religiously set up my recovery blanket which I plugged into the earth outlet of the hotel room, climb in it, zip it up, and go to sleep, it's really that simple.  Through the night my skin touching the blanket would void the free radical accumulation and pave the way for restful sleep and vitality the next morning. I highly recommend it and if you want further information about how to go about getting some of these  tools you should look at

If you are not a flyer and wonder how this might be useful for you, simply replace flying and jet lag with the stresses of your life that stop you from getting decent quality sleep, and you'll be able to use the same tool to sleep well by stopping acidity building up. There is truth to the saying "thoughts are toxic" because they translate to biochemical toxicity, which is an extra hurdle to refreshing sleep. It is really as simple as climbing into a grounded sleeping space at night that bathes you in negative electrons and helps you wake up refreshed, if you have good sleep hygiene habits and ground yourself for sleep you reap the benefits in energy and other areas of your life.


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