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Use This One Simple Concept to Help Shape the Future of Travel Post-Pandemic

Travel and quarantine restrictions are slowly easing worldwide as more countries renounce national lockdowns. The road back to pre-coronavirus travel seems to be a long way off. The decimation of the travel industry was hard to swallow, yet it has given rise to optimism about the new "Future of Travel" set to open up in a post-pandemic world. Re-imagining travel in light of the role it played in spreading the coronavirus is the responsible thing to do for the industry and those who travel often.

As such I would like to introduce a concept I believe can help shape the future of travel to be a more satisfying profitable and enjoyable experience for all who would like to travel without compromise. The concept is the idea of performance travel. What is performance travel?

Definition - Travel for better execution in business pleasure and performance. It borrows from the discipline of exemplary sports performance. Good performances don't happen by accident neither should great productive travel with a purpose. Performance travel deals with the ability to travel well, arrive well and execute at one's best because proper care was taken in preparation and the habit of travelling.

It is enabled by technology and data which unlocks real-time actionable insights travellers can use to modify behaviours to influence desired outcomes.

Performance Travel Mindset is a mindset that leads travellers to prepare for travel as an athlete does for competition to make sure they are in peak condition. It leads to the creation of systems and habits that breed consistent good performance. Performance Athlete Travellers.

What is Performance Travel and Performance Travel Mindset the Solution To?

• Vitality sapping intense travel itineraries

• Burnout in frequent travellers

• Sub-par performance and engagement of travellers.

What tools are at the travellers' disposal?

• Mindset & Creativity

• Mental Health

• Energy Management


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