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What You Must Know About Hydration As A Frequent Flier

I think it was a famous personal development coach’s website quote that once said “We are surrounded by knowledge but starving of wisdom,” this quote has a corollary when it comes to hydration. The earth is approximately three-quarters water and a quarter land mass, yet we have great challenges staying hydrated for health and well-being. This article is going to explore what you can do about hydration for general health and in the context of staying healthy while flying. First of all we are going to look at water, what it really is and what it’s purpose is. Then in future articles we are going to look at our relationships with water and start to develop strategies we can use to help us get healthier for general and flier health.

Water tends to be seen as similar to food, as in the saying food and water, but it is much more than that. It is an Element and this is an important distinction to make from many perspectives. The big picture about water being an element is that elements are primordial substances and in our case 70 per cent of our body is made of one. Water is in fact an essential element and its form and function are integral to your well-being. What does this imply? To make the point I will use a fresh water micro-organism to demonstrate.

Spirulina, a single cell fresh water algae is distinctive by its blue-green hue. As a single-cellular organism Spirulina is at the bottom of the food chain. This means it has been around for a very long time. Scientists have linked Spirulina to having been on earth at a time when the Sun’s rays beat down on earth with such intensity that it would not have been possible for us to survive on Earth. Spirulina did! The blue pigment in Spirulina is an adaptogenic trait it developed to enable it to survive the hash onslaught from a stronger shining Sun. (This adaptability is passed on to us when we consume Spirulina regularly by the way).

Water on the Earth pre-dates any type of organism single-celled or otherwise and would have had to endure scorching sunlight and more. By the same token water has adaptive qualities. As it has weathered harsh atmospheres before the arrival of humans and is still here, it is safe to say it has some adaptive qualities which it transfers to us. To be without these health giving qualities is to demonstrate less than your health potential. If you are a flier it can even get you into trouble during your travels.

From a purely nutritional view we know water is essential for digestion and metabolism. It’s value is not always recognized in the role it plays in producing energy. Science is revealing to us that good quality water has a major function as an aid to conducting electricity in concert with the electrolytes of the body. The better quality water you have in the body the more efficiently it works, the more efficiently you produce energy. Getting good quality water is about getting STRUCTURED WATER.

Structured water is the water that sits between the cellular membranes in the body. Any habits or tools you can use to help the water you drink to become structured are good for your health. It starts with making the water as pure as possible by considering its t.d.s (total dissolved solid) count, other contaminants, surface tension, zeta potential and other measures.

Looking at the health of the body from the perspective of good water is a shortcut to greater health for two reasons, one it is ubiquitous in the body and secondly it is a component of the blood which is another major player in the determination of your health

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