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Why Green Drinks Are Great For Jet Lagged Fliers


1) They build blood alkalinity. Flying causes dehydration which is drying to the body and the blood and could lead to DVT’S. Green drinks provide alkaline minerals

2) They build electrolytes. Electrolytes restore cellular function and balance to our cellular environment which is disrupted by flying.

3) They contain chlorophyll. The structure of chlorophyll is very similar to haemoglobin in red blood. Green drinks build the blood itself.

4) They can rehydrate the body. Freshly juiced greens made from fresh green vegetables contain structured water,which is better at accomplishing rehydration than any canned variety.

5) Their green pigmentation,chlorophyll has magnesium at its center. Green drinks help restore chronic magnesium deficiencies over time.

6) They buffer your body against acidity. It takes approximately 20 parts alkalinity to neutralise 1 part acidity. The flying environment is very acidifying.

7) They are grounding and de-stressing. You have to drink them long term to experience this effect!



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