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An introduction to Superfoods (part 1)

Great topic and foods that should always be part of a healthy flier’s diet for that extra they give. Some of these foods are actually radioprotective which means they guard against ionising radiation something every #Frequentflier should be looking out for in their diet.

Superfoods can have hugely positive impact on health, especially when high quality foods have been sourced.

In this blog post, the focus is on 3 plant based superfoods, grown and cultivated in pristine waters and lakes – Chlorella, wrack seaweed and blue green algae.


Chlorella has its name due to the high concentration of chlorophyll it possesses. It has the highest amount of chlorophyll per gram of any plant studied so far. Chlorella is known for its remarkable detoxification properties. It has been found in numerous research findings to aid in the breakdown of hydrocarbon toxins and heavy metals such as mercury and lead, whilst also being involved in strengthening the immune system.

Chlorella stimulates red blood cell production and helps transporting oxygen around the body and also to the brain.   Is is also thought to increase interferon levels, which results in increased production of T-cells and macrophages, enhancing…

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