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Could Bioenergetics Be The Answer To Jet Lag?

The wonders of the human energy field are now being used to create tools for the jet lagged traveller. The approval of a device that helps you get over jet lag and beat fatigue naturally is a welcome change for a problem crying out for healthy solutions. Using the same energy the body uses to protect itself the device is a common sense solution against the damaging effects of ionizing radiation. This is timely news, as air travel increases and technology further integrates its way onto planes and our homes.

The human energy field is a bioenergetic field.  Bioenergetics is all about the energy in living systems, lately our advances in technology have undermined this energy. The result has been a large rise in stress and autoimmune diseases. To see the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A) and European authorities grant certification for a natural healthy product like this is quite inconsistent with what they are normally known for.

You have to look at the science behind the product to understand how it could have been approved. The device is in the form of a fashion bracelet which emits negative ions at a concentration equal to being in forest or near a waterfall. (Negative ions are the opposite of the positive ions which make the plane stuffy and contribute to jet lag). They are responsible for that freshness after a storm or by the sea, waterfall or forest. It is then topped off with two magnets which emit ‘far infrared’ radiation – a healthy kind of radiation, which penetrates the body and revitalise it at cellular level.

This product, the LunaVit minus ion bracelet could not have come at a better time. Flying is not the only area where we are exposed to damaging radiation. The use of 3G and 4G mobile phone signals and wireless technology all give off damaging radiation, the kind that disrupts the natural energy field of the body. Using a device like this whether you fly or not is a great start for a healthy approach to jet lag and healthy living in general.

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